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Payment of invoice is due prior to delivery of Media Packages.  No exceptions. 


All Media Packages ©Third Eye Photography LLC.  Third Eye Photography LLC issues a non-transferable license to the agent (i.e. Limited Rights) to use images to market and sell their listing.  Content in Media Packages may not be sold, redistributed, used for self-promotion, or transferred to another party without permission from copyright holder, Third Eye Photography LLC per Copyright Act 17 U.S.C § 106.  Download of Media Packages constitutes acceptance of this licensing policy.  


Media Packages must be accessed and downloaded within 7 days of date of service.  Original photos are kept locally for 1 year at which point they are deleted from archives.

*Long Distance Travel Fee of $0.55/mile applies to all miles accrued for any appointments over 60 miles round trip from zip code 63385.

**All pricing based on FINISHED SQUARE FOOTAGE.  Third Eye Photography LLC reserves right to adjust any invoice to reflect actual finished square footage of a property**


***Floor plans strictly "for marketing purposes only."  Measurements are an estimation derived from an electronic measuring device (LiDAR) of VISIBLE interior areas only.  These floor plans are not created nor intended for pricing, surveying, building/remodeling, or any structural purpose.  Graphical marketing tool only.***


****Pricing subject to change without notice****

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