All photo shoots include as many photographs as it takes to properly display your property. Aerial drone photos add a breathtaking perspective that is sure to WOW!! Great for showcasing acreage and any property features that are better highlighted from above.  

FAA UAS Part 107 Certified Licensed Drone Pilot.


FREE marketing materials, branded and unbranded property websites for EVERY photo shoot. All images are professionally edited in Adobe Lightroom | Adobe Photoshop and delivered within 24 hours and shared to Third Eye Photography LLC social media pages. These posts are seen by all of our followers as well as shared via multiple real estate groups resulting in 2,000-5,000+ local post engagements in the first 7 days live.


Floor Plans

Be sure to WOW your clients and perspective buyers with this excellent add on.  According to Rightmove, listings with floor plans receive 52% more click-throughs than listings without.  Also, floor plans are the 2nd most important feature homebuyers are looking for when sifting through hundreds of potential properties.  Save yourself time by letting us gather those room measurements for you to create a BEAUTIFUL floor plan for your next listing!!


Virtual Tours

Set yourself apart from the rest with virtual tours. Bring increased traction to your listing in a day when potential clients are shying away from open houses and taking their tours online instead. Boost your WOW factor over the top by offering an immersive, personal view of the home that can’t be done with photos alone.


360° Home Tour is the perfect addition to make your listing stand-out from the rest and get noticed. Viewers can use a mobile device or computer to look in any direction and move from room to room. Built in lead generator and ability to host a LIVE Virtual Tour with perspective clients. You'll be provided with web links to both BRANDED and UNBRANDED versions that are MLS compatible and useable on all social media platforms. All 360° Home Tours are also uploaded to Zillow. Homes with 360° Home Tours are given increased visibility in Zillow and Trulia search results. Think of it like this... photos show rooms, while 360° Home Tour shows how those rooms connect. Listings with 360° Home Tour receive HUNDREDS more views on Zillow and Trulia making this an easy choice for MAXIMUM exposure.


Walkthrough Video Tour is a silent video up to 3 minutes in length that is recorded using a wide angle lens and handheld gimbal resulting in buttery smooth video that enhances the walking flow of your property. You'll be provided with a web link to your video that is MLS and social media compatible. Use this link in the video tour section of the MLS and your video will populate on all real estate sites that support it, such as Zillow, Trulia,, etc.  This add on is cost effective way to BOOST your listing views.

Bundle Floor Plans, 360° Home Tour, Walkthrough Video Tour  for 


360° Home Tour
Walkthrough Video Tour

Virtual Enhancements

Virtual Staging can completely transform an empty space. Don't want to go through the hassle or expense of home staging? Virtual Staging is the answer. We take your empty room and make it come to life. Staged homes increase buyer interest and sell almost THREE times faster than those that are not staged. Get rid of that empty, cold and abandoned feeling for a fraction of the cost and liability of hiring a professional home stager. Pricing is PER PHOTO virtually staged*


Virtual Twilight converts your daytime photos into an eye grabbing twilight masterpiece. Converting a photo from day to dusk won’t just upgrade your listing but will also make it to stand out from the rest. Pricing is PER PHOTO virtual twilight converted*


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